Volume 30 Issue 1, April 2021, pp. 94-105

Although sexual anxiety (SA) is associated with significant sexual and relationship difficulties, to date, we lack brief scales to adequately assess SA. The aim of the present study was to develop a brief and reliable French version of the Sexual Anxiety Scale (SAS) that can be used to screen the manifestations of SA and their severity. A community sample (n = 576) was recruited to investigate the reliability and validity of the brief form of the scale (SAS-BF). Confirmatory factor analysis was performed on the original three-factor model (SAS) and on the new, four-factor SAS-BF. Its convergent validity was tested with theoretically relevant correlates (e.g., anxiety, sexual satisfaction). The SAS-BF yielded strong psychometric properties in terms of factor structure and reliability, and was reasonably correlated with associated variables. SAS-BF can be considered a valid short scale to assess SA in studies where a brief form of the questionnaire is desirable or during clinical screening with patients experiencing variable levels of SA.