Volume 47 Issue 2, January 2016, pp. 147-170

In 2015, the University of Huddersfield Press launched Fields: The Journal of Huddersfield Student Research. The journal was developed with two key purposes: ensuring that high quality student research was made available to a broader audience and inspiring students to work to the highest standards by considering the potential of their work for impact in the wider world. The existing literature is reviewed regarding the growth of student research journals as well as some of the benefits these journals can offer to students. The institutional rationale for Fields is outlined, and the process of setting up a multi-disciplinary open access student research journal is discussed. The outcomes of this evaluation are presented with particular focus on the lessons learned and on future developments to improve support for authors. The experience of the project team will be useful to universities and university presses considering strategies for supporting students in the development of research for publication/dissemination.